The future of Starbucks?

Every foodie loves a good cup of coffee…well except for me. I’m not a fan of coffee unless it’s blended in to a frappe drowned in sugar and whip creme.

I was shown this article and I found it so entertaining. The future of Starbucks is predicted to be a more tea bar like atmosphere and the first teavana tea bar has already opened up in the upper east side of New York City. I love myself a good cup of tea so I can’t wait to see this expand!

I really think we are living in a society where health is consuming a larger priority in our lives. The change from coffee to tea would therefore make sense. (Of course, nothing in excess isn’t good including tea).

What do you think about this change? Do you think Starbucks tea shops will survive?

Check out the link below for pictures and commentary on the new zen tea bars which I’m sure will soon pop up on every street corner just as it’s coffee shops have!
Starbucks Tea Bar