Gluten free cookies from Mother’s Market

This weekend I tried something new from Mother’s Market gluten free aisle: cookies. I’m a cookie fanatic so a good cookie is hard to come by.

First off: the oatmeal raisin cookie
This cookie tasted just like any other oatmeal raisin cookie bursting with cinnamon flavor and chunks of raisins. Rather than being soft these cookies had a bit of a crunch to it. I liked it, it gave the cookie some character.



Second: the chocolate chip cookie.
First bite was good but the second bite disappointed. The salt to sugar ratio was a little confusing. It almost had a bit of a sour after taste and the cookie had a pretty airy texture.



Overall, I would definitely recommend the oatmeal raisin cookie. I loved the packaging of these cookies and how the ingredients were labeled clearly on the front.

These cookies also came from a local bakery in Laguna Beach, CA which made me happy that I was able to support them. Maybe I will have to venture out that way and visit the actual bakery!

I think it’s time for me to create my own rendition of gluten free cookies…

Pumpkin Bread

This weekend I decided to welcome in the fall season with some good ol’ pumpkin bread. I didn’t have a recipe so I resorted to google. I typed in the search bar “pumpkin bread” and chose the first one. Crazy right? Not really, because it had 5 stars and enough reviews to allow me to willingly try it! Thank you anonymous from, I will be sure to give thanks to you this Thanksgiving!

Because snapshotting is so awesome the recipe is as follows:



So, what stood out most to me about this recipe was that the sugar was combined with the liquid ingredients and the flour and spices were combined in a separate bowl! I think this made a difference because it most pumpkin bread recipes all dry ingredients are combined and the pumpkin purée is left in its own solitary bowl…lonely.

Liquid ingredients, pumpkin purée and sugar:


Dry ingredients:


After mixing each bowl well enough, I then divided the batter into 3 loaf pans. It was the perfect amount of batter! I placed them on a cookie sheet so they would cool evenly and popped them in the oven for about 60 minutes even though it called for 50 minutes. It all depends how your oven works.

The end result:



The bread came out smelling like pure pumpkin on a thanksgiving night! I was pleasantly surprised how moist the bread was. It cooked evenly from the inside and out. Something unique about this recipe was the fact that no baking powder was used yet the bread still arose to a supreme height!

This bread wasn’t too sweet and I could distinguish the nutmeg, cinnamon, and crushed cloves which is sometimes overruled by the amount of sugar used! My tip for you is to slice up your 3 day old bread, spread some butter on it, and put it in the microwave for 15 seconds and BAM! You’ll thank me later 🙂