Tony’s Original Deli

This past week my dad and I had a sub sandwich on our minds and knew exactly where to go: Tony’s deli. A tiny deli and revamped bottle shop, Tonys is an authentic Anaheim deli that has been serving since 1972. It closed a couple months back but now under new ownership and is tasting better than ever.

If you’re looking for fresh sliced-to-order deli sandwiche this is the place to go. While they have a variety of meats including Turkey, Pastrami, tuna, ham, salami just to name a few, their most popular sandwiches are the “big mikey” and the “Werner”. Each sandwich is piled high with roast beef, ham, and turkey.

My favorite is the Werner but with just roast beef. The jack cheese almost fools you for provolone but the thickness and it’s sweet aftertaste distinguish it from the latter. The Russian dressing and onion roll really gives the tender meat a kick and begs you to eat more! I have never had roast beef that has been so pink and that has melted in my mouth like this one. Most roast beef leans more toward the brown color and has too much fat on it which really has me passing it by.


You can’t forget the potato salad that comes with your sandwich! Hands down the best potato salad I have ever had. If you like a potato salad that has a spice and a kick this is it.


While the sandwiches are a bit pricey you definitely get what you pay for. They also serve bottled soda pop ranging from classic coca cola to bubble up and vanilla cream. I like that Tony's has brought back a nostalgic feeling to Anaheim and it's visitors.



How do You Mac&Cheese?

How do You Mac&Cheese?

Out of any comfort food, maccaroni and cheese would haul in first place by a mile. While i have tried some good and bad ones and even attempted to make my own in the crock pot, which you know… wasn’t too bad, I’m always looking for new recipes or places to fill this craving! I love checking out yahoo news for stuff like this link. While most of these places listed are outside of California, I hope someday to spontaneously be able to hop on a plane and become a critique for the best mac & cheese in the world for a day or two!