Cliff Hanger Cafe

I spent this past weekend in San Diego watching the Farmers insurance open. It is a professional golf tournament for those who don’t know. I was excited to see some of my favorite players but also excited to make this a foodie adventure!

After 5 hours of spectating Steven and I were starving so I decided to take him to the Cliff Hanger Cafe. It’s only 5 minutes from Torrey Pines Golf Course and sits directly above The popular Torrey Pines State Beach.


There is nothing glamorous about this little shack but the view is incredible and the sandwiches are delicious. I settled on the Turkey BLT on a French roll. Half of the roll was literally bigger than my face. There was a variety of other sandwiches and breads to choose from. Ciabatta, rosemary and wheat topped the list. At around $7 per sandwich you get what you pay for and I wasn’t disappointed at all.


I was so hungry I had to take a bite before I snapped a picture.

If you’re looking for a sandwich stop along the coast with great views and live entertainment, this is the place for you. While eating your lunch you’re able to watch the hang gliders soar off the cliff. If you’re feeling adventurous you can even pay around $180 and soar of the cliff with a professional! That’s definitely on my bucket list. It’s really a unique experience and something to consider when you just want to get out of the house and try something new. The great food is just one of the perks!



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