Peanut Brittle

This past weekend my dad’s side of the family continued a tradition that has been going on for many years: The Annual Ward Peanut Brittle Party. Everyone gathers together and makes peanut brittle, eats, and drinks. Exactly the way the holidays should be celebrated…a lot of food and a load of sugar on the side.

Here’s the recipe:


After following the 3 steps listed on the paper and constantly stirring, the mixture will reach 350 degrees. Watch carefully so the mixture does not burn. The next step needs to be done quickly for the best results but in a safe manner being careful not to burn yourself. Take the boiling peanut brittle mixture and pour it evenly on a cookie sheet or 2 that is already greased. It is easiest to spread the mixture out with a spatula. This step needs to be done quickly because the peanut brittle cools pretty fast.

Set the pan on top of a container filled with ice. This just allows the peanut brittle to cool faster. Sprinkle the peanut brittle with sugar and let it sit until the bottom of the pan is about room temperature.


Once the pan is cooled you’re going to flip it over and tap the sides generously and the peanut brittle should pop out. Using a metal utensil like a spoon hit the peanut brittle into the different sizes pieces you’d like. Here’s how ours came out:


This year we tried something new: Bacon brittle. After cooking the bacon and cutting it into bite sized pieces we put the bacon in during the third step with the nuts. Once everything was cooled and the brittle was broke into pieces we drizzled it with chocolate and out it in the fridge so the chocolate would harden. WOW! It was delicious. You definitely get the sweet and salty flavor which is my personal favorite. We also had cashews and pistachios for this who prefer those.

Overall, the peanut brittle party was a success and I encourage you all to try a batch of your own!


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