Burger Parlor

Today I met up with my mom for lunch in downtown fullerton. She was craving a burger so rather than settling for in n out (which by the way never disappoints) we decided to try something new that goes by the name: Burger Parlor.

The deluxe hand held burger is something new that has been popping up all around Southern California. I’ve been to Umami burger and while they pasteurize their own cheese and use a high grade of beef the burger parlor was delicious and half the price.


Burger Parlor is fairly new to the downtown area but I had heard nothing but good things about it. As soon as we walked in we were greeted by at least 3 employees with smiling faces asking us if we had any questions. After about 10 minutes of vigorously studying the menu we had made our decision.

I decided on the parlor burger which came on a raised sweet homemade bun with American cheese, lettuce, Carmelites onions, and tomato. Seems simple but boy, did this little thing have flavor!



My mom decided on the O.C burger which was a turkey burger with herb sauce, sprouts, marinated carrots, avocado, and provolone atop the same delicious bun! You may thing carrots on a burger is weird but it gave the spice of the turkey a sweet kick.


You can’t have a burger without French fries so we ordered the half and half which came with French fries and onion rings which also didn’t disappoint. The onion rings were freshly battered and fried to a crisp.


Overall, I really enjoyed the burger parlor. The modern ambience was nice and paired with good food, homemade ketchup and mustard, it made for a successful lunch! They also sell whole pickles for 0.75 cents, you can’t find these at the store. Just another perk of the burger parlor.




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