Tony’s Original Deli

This past week my dad and I had a sub sandwich on our minds and knew exactly where to go: Tony’s deli. A tiny deli and revamped bottle shop, Tonys is an authentic Anaheim deli that has been serving since 1972. It closed a couple months back but now under new ownership and is tasting better than ever.

If you’re looking for fresh sliced-to-order deli sandwiche this is the place to go. While they have a variety of meats including Turkey, Pastrami, tuna, ham, salami just to name a few, their most popular sandwiches are the “big mikey” and the “Werner”. Each sandwich is piled high with roast beef, ham, and turkey.

My favorite is the Werner but with just roast beef. The jack cheese almost fools you for provolone but the thickness and it’s sweet aftertaste distinguish it from the latter. The Russian dressing and onion roll really gives the tender meat a kick and begs you to eat more! I have never had roast beef that has been so pink and that has melted in my mouth like this one. Most roast beef leans more toward the brown color and has too much fat on it which really has me passing it by.


You can’t forget the potato salad that comes with your sandwich! Hands down the best potato salad I have ever had. If you like a potato salad that has a spice and a kick this is it.


While the sandwiches are a bit pricey you definitely get what you pay for. They also serve bottled soda pop ranging from classic coca cola to bubble up and vanilla cream. I like that Tony's has brought back a nostalgic feeling to Anaheim and it's visitors.



The battle of the cranberry sauce

As Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, I have Trader Joes cranberry orange relish on my mind. I said relish NOT sauce.

My boyfriend and I were talking about cranberry sauce today and he was telling me how he has never had a liking for it. When I asked him why, his answer was: “My dad pops it out of a can and just slaps it on his plate.” Well, my question was answered.

Nobody wants cranberry sauce out of a metal can that has been on the shelf for who knows how long. Filled with preservatives and excess sugar this is not real cranberry sauce.

This Thanksgiving try something new, take a trip to your local Trader Joes and purchase a container of cranberry orange relish. Fresh cranberries pop up in every bite and there is a sour and sweet taste that complement each other. Don’t forget to serve it chilled! 🙂