This weekend, Steven and I decided to take a stroll through old town orange, chapman university, and grab a bite to eat. Both of us love waffles so we agreed on Bruxie- a cute little waffle shack right across from Chapman U.

Bruxie doesn’t just serve you a plain old waffle but a waffle SANDWICH. A Belgian waffle is used as the bread and it is paired with seasonal ingredients both savory and sweet. Great for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert the menu spans from a simple Pb&J waffle sandwich to an odd pulled pork waffle sandwich which is so oddly delicious.

I’ve been a Bruxie go’er since they opened their first restaraunt( if I may call it that) in orange and within the past couple years they have expanded to Brea, Chino Hills, Rancho Santa Margarita, Huntington Beach, irvine, and soon enough Costa Mesa. This place is the epitome of entrepreneurship at its finest!

Something unique about Bruxie is that they serve old fashioned cane sugar sodas and Wisconsin frozen custard.

For dinner I decided on the classic buttermilk fried chicken and waffle which comes served inside a golden brown, airy, sweet Belgian waffle atop cider slaw and chili honey which gives the sweetness a little spice! The only con about this is that you have to pay an extra $1 for the real Vermont maple syrup. BUT, they do have pure agave syrup for free which tastes just as good to me!


Steven and I split waffle fries which were pretty good and I HIGHLY recommend the strawberry lemonade. It’s sweet enough to hydrate you but not too sweet that you can’t finish your meal! Steven decided on the Bruxie burger. A burger inside of a waffle? GENIUS. Well, until we realized when we were done eating that they don’t ask how you would like your meat cooked anymore…unfortunately his was undercooked and he felt a little sick after. So I would say if you order this to make sure you tell them to cook it through enough!

As we were leaving they had some of there pumpkin flavors up as Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. I’ll be back to try the pumpkin Bruxie with candied pecans. My mouth is watering already…

So, yes, Bruxie this Thanksgiving I will be thankful for you and your “Bold Fold”.



Here’s a link to the website in case any of you other foodies out there want to check out the menu:


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