Meads Green Door Cafe

I was determined to make my next post something fairly healthy and I’m pretty sure I accomplished that.

This past week I went to lunch with my uncle and boyfriend. My uncle is vegan so I like to hear about the places he goes to eat and sometimes I like to try them. (Hi John).

We decided to go to Meads Green Door cafe in orange. Meads is a vegetarian cafe, coffee house and juice bar all in one! It’s also family owned which makes me all happy inside. It is right outside the orange circle but I still managed to get lost. I really enjoyed the decor at meads. As you can imagine, they have unique doors everywhere and vintage knobs everywhere so you still get the downtown orange vibe. Inside they have old chairs, and even an indoor side patio with tables which also connects to an art gallery!


I decided on the breakfast stack which was on multigrain bread (I love bread). The bread wasn’t too grainy and I could still taste the rosemary! Inside the sandwich was a fried egg which you can substitute for tofu, arugula, tomato, pepper jack cheese, FAKE BACON (which I honestly prefer more than real bacon) and a dijonnaise sauce. Seriously…this is so delicious. Everything just blends well together and the fried egg is cooked enough on the inside that the yolk doesn’t come spewing out and there’s a mess everywhere.




My uncle decided on a healthier option: kale salad. It looked delicious but I didn’t try though I did take a picture! We also all had a piece of the pistachio cake. FANTASTIC. You could actually taste real pistachios…no preservatives in that one.


We enjoyed our meal across from the Restauraunt on a little patio. A+ for ambience.




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