Clam Chowder&Crispy Corn Dogs

Weird combination? Yes, i know. As an annual pass holder to Disneyland the pacific wharf clam chowder bread bowl and the Main Street hand dipped corn dog are my favorite indulgences.

I only have 2 weeks left until my pass expires so it was time to experience my favorite parts of Disneyland and California Adventure one more time.

First off, the clam chowder bread bowl…where to start? The sourdough bread is made fresh daily and they even give bakery tours now (you get a free piece of sourdough, which is the only reason I go). The clam chowder is creamy not watery which most places tend to lean towards. Since I can’t travel to San Francisco when I’m craving clam chowder, this will have to do. The bread is still warm when it is served to you and the steaming soup filled with potatoes, clams, and celery makes for one heck of a meal!


The crispiness of the outside of the bread bowl is another great touch! I love everything about this.

Next up…a hand dipped fried corn dog. The batter that they make is sweet yet the hot dog gives it the saltiness to balance out a perfect combination. I could totally eat this without any condiments like ketchup or mustard because there is already so much flavor. $6 for a corn dog in Cali adventure is also not so bad compared to the ones on Main Street and you don’t have to wait in the dreaded 30 minute+ line!


Here’s a picture for fun…of the view I had while enjoying my corn dog.


I think it’s time to detox…my next post must be healthy, it must be healthy, it must be healthy…I said it 3 times, it has to come true now right? 🙂


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