The beginning

Hi blogger world! My name is Kara and I am from Orange County, CA. My life consists of family, friends, and a whole lot of food. In a perfect world my dream job would be to become a food critique for a cooking magazine or maybe even open my own cupcake shop…but in the meantime I plan on staying in college. There is something about food and the millions of different flavors that it creates that is just liberating. I get excited to wake up in the morning and eat breakfast or try somewhere new for lunch on the weekends. While I do have a sweet tooth and often indulge on the weekends, during the week I try to keep my meals pretty balanced. I really believe that a mixture of healthy and not so healthy meals are important to keep your body pumpin’! I’m excited to share my food adventures with people I have never met and those who won’t judge me for my excessive use of adjectives when describing a simple chocolate chip cookie or maybe it will be a gluten free pancake. So, here’s to the beginning of some of my favorite foodie finds, recipes, and restaraunts all around the OC and even some I will attempt to duplicate. Cheers for now!


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