The gypsy den


Yesterday for lunch my mom and I ventured to the gypsy den, a coffee shop mixed with Restauraunt. It has a very bohemian indie setting and multiple vegetarian simple items to choose from as well as non vegetarian items. I was really excited to try this because I wanted something light but filling for lunch and that’s exactly what I got!

I ordered half of a tuna melt with their homemade adobe stew which is basically a minestrone based soup without the noodles. It was light and refreshing.


The ambience was warm and welcoming and I felt relaxed while enjoying my food!


How could I leave without trying a special PUMPKIN SPICE CHAI LATTE! Yes I said chai. Mind blown. It was delicious!


The farmers market was also going on so I got a taste of the local growers selling their fruits and vegetables! I love a good farmers market.



That’s was my afternoon until I headed to work energized from my chai 🙂


Blogs I love to salivate over

This weekend I found a new baking blog that I am absolutely obsessed with!

I encourage everyone to check it out! I helped my neighbor put together a dessert bar for her mothers wedding reception and while we did the basic chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and cheesecake, we also threw in some bars we found from this website.

We chose to do peach pie bars and blackberry pie bars to give the table a fruity aspect. Let’s just say they were heavenly and while I totally forgot to take a picture of the blackberry bars when we finished, I will show a picture of the dessert bar as a whole!!


Here is a link for the recipe of the blackberry pie bars and the peach bars can be found on the same page. Thank you brown eyed baker for the inspiration and delicious goodies!

Greek yogurt with a twist

I have an obsession with all things Pinterest. I found a recipe on there for Greek yogurt pancakes which I thought was intriguing. I figured I would give it a shot…

I first started off with dannon fit&light Greek blueberry yogurt. You can use any flavor to your liking.


Then, after stirring the Greek yogurt until there was a smooth consistency I added 1 whole egg and began to stir. I did this until the lumps were gone.


It should then look like this…


In a separate bowl combine 1/2 cup flour and a teaspoon of baking soda


Now, you will combine the wet ingredients with the dry and mix in order to get the pancake mix. It should look something like this…


The mix will be thicker than your average pancake mix but that is no reason for an alarm! Prepare your skillet and cook your pancakes! I prefer to cook them slower because then it allows the inside of the pancake to cook evenly since the mixture is a little thicker!


To my surprise, these pancakes were delicious! Next time, I’m going to add fresh blueberries to the mix. The flavor of the Greek yogurt really gave it a kick and added the protein that we all need! You could even use flourless flour if you wanted to go gluten free! So many options with this recipe and I will definitely be making it again!

G-free pancakes

So, last week my best friend and I decided to check out a new Restauraunt for breakfast. Flappy Jacks is a diner style restaurant with an overwhelming menu that is written in what looks like 8pt font.

I am always interested in gluten free alternatives…not just to distinguish if there is a taste difference but more importantly to compare how my body reacts after the meal versus a meal that has gluten in it.

For breakfast that morning I decided on the gluten free pancakes of course. They were surprisingly delicious! I liked that they pulled apart easily and had a melt in your mouth sort of sensation. You could taste something seedy among the mixture which was refreshing. Possibly flax seeds? They even added a little piece of rustic looking bamboo to the top to give it a pure organic look.

Overall, I really enjoyed these and will be coming back for more!!



The beginning

Hi blogger world! My name is Kara and I am from Orange County, CA. My life consists of family, friends, and a whole lot of food. In a perfect world my dream job would be to become a food critique for a cooking magazine or maybe even open my own cupcake shop…but in the meantime I plan on staying in college. There is something about food and the millions of different flavors that it creates that is just liberating. I get excited to wake up in the morning and eat breakfast or try somewhere new for lunch on the weekends. While I do have a sweet tooth and often indulge on the weekends, during the week I try to keep my meals pretty balanced. I really believe that a mixture of healthy and not so healthy meals are important to keep your body pumpin’! I’m excited to share my food adventures with people I have never met and those who won’t judge me for my excessive use of adjectives when describing a simple chocolate chip cookie or maybe it will be a gluten free pancake. So, here’s to the beginning of some of my favorite foodie finds, recipes, and restaraunts all around the OC and even some I will attempt to duplicate. Cheers for now!